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The NFL Over/Under lines are out for 2017, making now the best time to place your bets. Over in the AFC North we find multiple playoff teams and no sure thing.NFL Ryan Shazier Jerseys minicamps have opened. OTAs and training camps are getting underway. We are officially out of the offseason and into the preseason. With that, it is Le'Veon Bell Jerseys time to speculate wildly on everything from depth charts to position battles to standings to signings.We debated quarterback battles in Cleveland and Chicago, as well as Cincinnati‘s running back battle. But the 2017 NFL Over Under lines are out, meaning its time to make your bets with our best picks. Based on opening Over/Unders (per Westgate Las Vegas, via ESPN), we have an idea of how Antonio Brown Jerseys each division is expected to finish. Vegas isn't always correct with its assessment though. There are flaws to exploit in its projections. Ben Roethlisberger Jerseys Next up is the AFC North where there are no sure things. Todd Salem: Let's just get this out of the way. The Browns' number is too high. Vegas is looking for equal action on both sides of a wager. I can't imagine the people who think Cleveland is going to go 5-11 or better this season.Their offense is an absolute mess at nearly every skill position. Maybe the revamped offensive line can lead to a good Isaiah Crowell season, but that is more useful for fantasy football than real life. The team got worse at wide receiver and tight end, at least for the short-term. And with this spread, all we care about is short-term. There is officially legit talent on the Browns defense, but I'm not sure that will all come together right away either.As for the rest of the AFC North, it is always a battle between Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati to be good. They all aren't always good, even though we've almost come to expect that. It is hard to know which member Heath Miller Jerseys of the trio will be up when the others are down or vice versa.As a group, the North got a pretty nice draw this year. It faces the AFC South and NFC North, two divisions that could total two playoff teams. Because of that, placing everyone's Over/Under above .500 sounds right.I also enjoy Cincy's bounce-back potential thanks to a third-place schedule and having better health. That's my main takeaway from this logjam. I like the Bengals' over more than any other pick and could easily imagine them regaining this division crown.